Triada Star - Wooden toy

Construction + Design + Art

Inspired by the origami figures and going back over the idea of repeating, designer Gonzalo Arbutti has developed a playful system made of 18 identical pieces in natural and stainted wood, which allows to explore new configurations.

Placed on top of each other or juxtaposed, the pieces which comes with beveled sides, give life to ethereal or openwork figures and can also assemble in beautiful stars.

Play with art !

A playful construction game for kids and grown-ups. Ages 8 and up.

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- 18 pieces 4,5 cm on the side
- Wooden pieces: 16 in natural wood + 3 turquoise + 3 black
- Packaging : 18x18x5,5 cm

Material: Wood from sustainably managed forests

Manufacturing: in Europe

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