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    A unique and artistic memory game Hop aboard a flying machine or a submarine and go for a fantastic trip with Jules Verne! This beautiful memo game proposes a dinamic approach of Jules Verne’s work designed for kids. Tell the aventures of Jules Verne to the kids and share a great family moment. Ages 3 and up.

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    Memo Story is a clasical game in a very innovative and original version:  with the cards, recreate Alice in Wonderland’s adventures with the kids!  Follow the white rabbit…Tell the story of Alice to the kids and share a great family moment. Ages 3 and up.

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    Happy Families to travel around the world!  The classic Happy Family game comes back with a lot of humor! The sheep in Miami, the ostrich in Kyoto and the penguins in Bali… Let’s have fun! Paris-Venice-Bali-Barcelona-Buenos Aires-Kyoto-Miami Perfect to share a good moment playing with your family, since 3 and up

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    The Coloring Toy first designed by the Eames Office in 1955 The purpose of The Coloring Toy is to provide a sort of jet assist into a world of color, drawing, shapes and play. This is a world discovered and rediscovered by all children and is their own to create. The Coloring Toy does not presume to make artists out of children or to teach them how to...

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    Fairy Tales ! New Edition! Inspired by the great classic tales, 12 little paintings to color and display, creating a superb decoration. Let’s go for incredible adventures ! To color and have fun with friends and to hang on the wall once finished. Ages 4 and up Aladdin / Alice in Wonderland / Snow White / Cinderella / Little Red Riding Hood / Puss in Boots...

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    Magnificent horses to color Five wonderful horses from around the globe, ready to be colored and decorated with magnificent finery. Shining effects, sparkling stickers, superb watercolours.... are you ready to have a ride on the merry-go-round ? Ages 7 and up.

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